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Why Should You Buy Drugs in Canada?

There is one main reason people should consider sourcing their medications from a Canada. It is because buying prescription drugs in the United States is very costly. In fact, the US is considered to be the most expensive place to purchase medicines in the world. Since it does not regulate the price of the prescription drugs, this is taken advantage of by US-based drug companies.

Causes behind the High Cost of Drugs in US
According to the US drug companies, the bulk of their costs actually go to research and development of new drugs, which is why they cannot afford to drive down their prices. Therefore, a lot of companies continuously lobby for lawmakers to prohibit regulatory policies on drugs. Based on their estimates, the pharmaceutical industry will take a big hit if these regulations would come into place.

The Need for Alternative Ways to Purchase Cheap Drugs
Because of the rising costs of medicine, US lawmakers are now pushing for changes in their treatment of this issue. Their priority is to give the elderly more access to low-priced medicine. For instance, group buying programs are implemented in Warren, Michigan so that seniors can get cheaper medicines from a Canadian sellers. Also, there is an ongoing petition by the State of Vermont to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), a US drug regulatory agency, to allow cheaper prescription drugs to be imported from Canada. Therefore, while some US officials are finding options on how to alleviate the costs of prescription drugs to their constituents, the overall stance of the US legislative body is in favor of the deregulation of prescription drugs. And so, despite the efforts of some lawmakers, Americans still continue to struggle against costly prescription.

Buying Canadian Drugs Can Be Your Option
Americans should have an alternative way to source inexpensive medicines. And as most US lawmakers suggest, why not purchase drugs from a Canada? However, medicines are relatively cheaper in some parts of Asia compared to Canada, so why do people still choose Canada over other countries? One reason is because of the proximity of Canada to the US. Because Canada is just next to the US, the importation costs from buying Canada drugs are lower compared to other neighboring countries. Also, the common land border shared by these two countries is considered to be the world’s longest. Because of the long stretch of land available for travel, the shipping company can deliver your items promptly to your homes.

The Quality and Authenticity of Prescription Drugs in Canada
If the US has the FDA, Canada also has its own drug regulatory agency, which is called Health Canada. All drugs that are sold in every Canadian drugstore are approved by this bureau. The standards of Health Canada are also as stringent as that of the FDA, so one is assured of the quality of the medicine that is offered in Canada. Most people will opt to buy their prescription drugs online because of convenience. However, purchasing products online has some risks involved. Since you’re buying prescription drugs, there may be a possibility that these items did not undergo the inspection of Health Canada. Fortunately, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), a Canadian-based organization, can help you with that.
This agency is responsible for the regulation of all state pharmacies in Canada. Whether you own a physical store or just an online shop, as long as you sell prescription drugs, you will be subject to the laws of NABP. Therefore, the NABP ensures that the public will only get genuine prescription drugs from its member pharmacies. Thanks to Canada drugs, the people in the US can now get affordable medicine. Because of the popularity of these outsourced prescription drugs, the number of pharmacies and online stores offering them is on the rise. The authorities are advising patients to conduct due diligence before purchasing any drug outside the US. As such, you have to make sure that the seller is listed under the NABP, and the prescription drug you will be buying is registered with Health Canada.